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Re: Debian systems and assumptions about user rights (was: Braindump: Can we get rid of the font-cache-group question?)

On May 29, Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> wrote:

> - Setups without an existing $HOME directory can exist, and package
>   building must work there, correct?
I'd say that packages being built should not create files outside of the
build directory. But creating ~ is simple enough that I think it's
reasonable to require that it exists.

> - /tmp/ will always be available to create a reasonable amount of data?

> - If package builds or other automated tasks happen on a system and are
>   performed by a local user who has no home directory, can we assume
>   that it will always be the same user, and use a system-wide unique
>   name for the font cache directory withing /tmp?  
I think it's a safe assumption for our buildds.


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