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Re: Bug#368985: ITP: mod-bt -- BitTorrent tracker for the Apache2 web server

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
> > 	- When the API becomes incompatible (which would implicitly make the
> > ABI incompatible), both the -dev and library package should increment their
> > numbers.
> > 	- When the ABI becomes incompatible without affecting the API, only
> > the library package should increment it's number.
> > 	Is that right?
> With changing the package name on API changes being optional as well, since
> API changes generally affect build-dependencies only, not dependencies, are
> thus largely invisible to users, and in the general case don't tend to
> happen in a way that justifies updates to all packages that would
> build-depend on it.

	Makes sense...

> But if you think you'll be making sufficient backwards-incompatible changes
> to the library API to warrant such package name changes, yes, the above is
> the right way to go about it.

	I do. I can easily see thread safety and abstracting database
interaction causing API changes in the future. Thanks!

		- Tyler

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