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Re: cowbuilder (pbuilder/cowdancer) released


> > Please share your experience with the world; cowbuilder code is pretty
> > preliminary and doesn't have some features; please do report if you're
> 12 hours ago I initialized a buildd cowbuilder. Now I wanted to upgrade
> it:
> 	cowbuilder --update
> and this wanted to update coreutils from 5.96-1 to -2. I got two
> warnings:
> 	Warning: cowdancer: unsupported operation, read-only open and fchown/fchmod: 771:1226435
> Does this mean that the update failed in some way?

It's just a warning, so the update has not failed.

This is in fact the weakest part of cowdancer; and cowdancer does not
really cover this case of fchown/fchmod, which means sometimes the COW
does not work and the owner/permission of the original tree may get

In practice, this has not been causing too much real-life problems,
and thus decided to release cowbuilder.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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