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Re: not running depmod at boot time

On May 26, Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> wrote:

> However, since one cannot run depmod properly without the respective
> kernel being installed, removing the depmod call will caus harm.
Are you sure that this is still true? I believe that this has been fixed
a long time ago.

> It should be possible, though, to add a conditional around the call so
> that the module dependencies will only be calculated again when the
> a new kernel has been installed, the kernel version differs from the
> last depmod call or more recent modules have been installed.  If only
> new modules have been added the depmod call could possibly run in the
> background.
If you need to walk /lib/modules/ then you have already lost.

> Maybe the module-init-tools script could be altered in a way so that
> depmod will always be executed in the background with respective
> daemon started afterwards.
I object to this kind of ad-hoc hacks. If this is the only way then the
correct solution is to enable parallel processing of init scripts.


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