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Re: not running depmod at boot time

#include <hallo.h>
* Margarita Manterola [Wed, May 24 2006, 11:56:05PM]:

> >What about using depmod -a instead, how much would it cost? AFAICS it
> >only needs to walk trough the directories and stat the files without
> >reading them.
> This is what's being done currently, as far as I know, and it takes
> around 3 seconds in a Pentium 3.  It takes longer in a slower machine,
> obviously.

The problem is not the CPU power. Please try the same with cold VFS
cache, eg. during a fresh reboot. Depending on the harddisk quality and
FS quality and fragmentation, it can take much more. Eg. the Athlon64
here takes about 5 seconds (with a good harddisk) the first time, and
about 0.15 seconds when rerunning that.


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