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Re: libdb transition policy? (Was: Re: Bug#367853: libetpan: Please consider transitioning to libdb4.4)

* Nikita V. Youshchenko (yoush@cs.msu.su) [060523 17:22]:
> However, if I will build library against libdb4.4 instead of libdb4.2, this 
> will probably break any binaries built against the library - both packaged 
> and local.

Why that? It would only affect packages that (correctly or wrongly) also
depend on libdb4.2. (And libdb4.2 unfortunatly doesn't have versioning,
otherwise, it wouldn't be any issue; lidb4.3 and libdb4.4 are better in
that regard.)

AFAICS, this is only the case with etpan-ng. So, perhaps a conflict
between your new version and the current version of etpan-ng and an
upload of a changed version of etpan-ng (with a conflict to the current
version of libetpan) could help? Gerfried, what do you think?


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