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Re: Bug#368383: dumb "manual page for..." NAME section on many man pages

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 10:29:16PM -0700, jidanni@symonds.net wrote:
>Glad that you guys will take care of this, as it is way over my head.

It's not complex.  The problem manual pages have been generated with a
program [help2man] which interprets a program's --help output.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to reliably extract a short description
of the program from that output to use as the NAME section (this appears
in the whatis/apropos output)

The maintainer needs to add that data when generating the page either
with the --name option to help2man, or via a [name] section in an
include file.

I've cloned the bug for mailutils (dotlock), libfribidi0 (fribidi) and

Feel free to raise new bugs on other packages.


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