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Re: RFC: Better portability for package maintainers

On Sun, 2006-05-21 at 19:40 +0300, George Danchev wrote:
> On Sunday 21 May 2006 19:06, Erast Benson wrote:
> -cut--
> > Clean way would be to extend SUN C library with missing GLIBC
> > functionality. Btw, have you seen SUN C library code? Its done very
> > clean, very polished code base which runs at least on i386, amd64, sparc
> > and powerpc arches.
> Peace, but I do not share this opinion though ;-). I remember having troubles 
> with _trivial_ things like:
> printf("The Absolute Zero is: %5.5lf°[C] or 0°[K]!\n", ABSZ);

this problem been fixed a long time ago... any software has bugs, so
lets do not accept this as a arguments. GLIBC had/has plenty of bugs all
over too, especially when you start talking about non-Linux ports where
it is not yet polished.

> ° is not accepted by solaris 9 libc printf function. I haven't bother to check 
> that out on a recent OpenSolaris distribution though, since fortunately we 
> have not been locked to any legacy proprietary binaries and the development 
> machines have been easily debianized.

OpenSolaris is aimed to be 100% open sourced... what are you talking
about? I can not accept this as an argument too. Peace? :-)


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