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Re: Section of -dev packages

Bernhard R. Link wrote:

> * Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> [060518 21:20]:
>> Better to just remove the sections from override altogether. Just keep
>> what the package says.
> Doesn't the current setup also ensure no package from non-free or
> contrib accidentially end up in main when the section is wrong?

But a package is initially placed into main, non-free or contrib at the
time it is first uploaded based on its specified section in
debian/control then!  At least, I presume FTP-master either agrees with
the maintainer's assessment of whether it goes into main, non-free, or
contrib; or else rejects the package.

It seems pretty unlikely to me that a maintainer would later change the
section from contrib or non-free to main (or vice-versa, for that
matter) by accident.  If it does get changed, almost certainly the
maintainer did it intentionally as a result of a license change, etc.


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