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Re: multiarch status update

I demand that Gabor Gombas may or may not have written...

> How do you want to handle one-arch-only binNMUs? binNMUs change
> changelog.Debian.gz, so
> - you can't upgrade just the architecture that was binNMUed without
>   changelog.Debian.gz becoming invalid for the other arches

I think that this'll just have to be accepted - ignore the binNMU versioning
when comparing versions for co-installation, but take the docs from the
highest-numbered binNMU.

I don't know how a binNMU for one architecture followed by a binNMU for
another is handled, but it seems reasonable to me that the newer one will
have to include the changelog from the older one and, therefore, must have a
higher version number. Otherwise, which binNMU changelog entry you get is a
matter of chance, and entries may even be lost in later uploads.

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