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Re: reportbug defaults [Re: Bug#367200: ITP: libemail-send-perl -- Simply Sending Email]

Scripsit Don Armstrong <don@debian.org>

>> What about modifying it to work through something like an http POST?

> I'm personally not too terribly interested in implementing an HTTP
> access method for the BTS, because it makes it more easy for bug
> submissions to be sent from people who can not be accessed via e-mail.

How does sending directly to from reportbug to an ISP's smarthost
validate the user's email address better than sending directly from
reportbug to a HTTP POST somewhere?

It is not necessary that there is anywhere any HTML form that refers
to the posting URL; only reportbug would need to know it.

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                                  procedure statement that the kind and type
                             of each actual parameter be compatible with the
                       kind and type of the corresponding formal parameter."

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