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Daily built images for i386 include graphical installation option

At Debconf Joey Hess and I have integrated support for the graphical 
installer into the main build system for d-i. For now the support is for 
i386 only, but amd64 [1] and powerpc will follow very soon.

This means that the daily built images [2] of the installer now include an 
option to boot the graphical (gtk/directfb based) installer as well as 
the familiar newt based installer.

The following types of images support graphical installation:
- businesscard CD
- netinst CD
- hd-media
- gtk-miniiso (mini CD image; install is comparable to netboot installs)

To boot the graphical version of the installer, type 'installgui' or 
'expertgui' at the boot prompt.
By default you will get the newt frontend.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us with the udeb shlibs/dependency 
transition which has made the integration possible.

Frans Pop

[1] Images for amd64 will only actually be available when we can resume
    daily builds for them; these are currently down as a result of the
    archive integration.
[2] http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/
    Note: you need the _daily built_ images, not the Etch Beta2 ones

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