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Re: How to detect the active debconf frontend?

Frank Küster wrote:
> "Olaf van der Spek" <olafvdspek@gmail.com> wrote:
> >> The alternative would be to check for $DEBIAN_FRONTEND, and if unset
> >> parse "debconf-show debconf", but this doesn't look clean.
> >
> > Shouldn't a clean solution be done in debconf code and not in your package code?
> Yes, #367497

Your proposed workaround breaks when the bug is fixed..

Also, if you see the current debconf TODO:

Noninteractive frontend:
* Just because it's noninteractive doesn't mean it can't output to the
  console. I think it should so so, at least for errors (in addition to
  mailing them). That way if an error is displayed and the package install
  fails you don't just see it dying, you immediatly see why.

So patches accepted for this bug.

As to the actual question, debconf, by intention, does not provide
programs a way to know what frontend is being used. Encouraging
fronted-specific behavior leads to unncessary complexity and bugs.

see shy jo

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