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Re: gnome 2 gnucash into unstable

David Goodenough <david.goodenough@btconnect.com> writes:

> On Tuesday 16 May 2006 09:08, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
>> David Goodenough <david.goodenough@btconnect.com> writes:
>> > So are we getting close to the point where you will build gnucash-sql?
>> I think so.
> Great.  If you want someone to test the builds please let me know when 
> they are ready and where I can download them.

Mind you, the mention by someone else of hesitancy because of
staleness of the code reminds me that I will ultimately defer to
upstream's suggestions on this.

I am more-or-less happy to put sql into the main gnucash, but that's
dependent on it being more-or-less guaranteed not to hose non-sql
users, even if the sql support is a disaster.  I am not-too-inclined
to do the previous separate packages strategy, unless it is
necessitated by the inability of one package to support both sql and
non-sql users.

Still, my previous statements hold, which are that I'm not going to
put sql in until gnucash migrates into testing, and it still hasn't
because of a guile-1.6 build bug.  Those who want progress on this
front, would most advance it by helping to diagnose that bug.


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