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Re: multiarch status update

On Tuesday 16 May 2006 17:53, Gabor Gombas wrote:
> However, you can take this idea further: provided you have multiarched
> binaries, you could create a small file system using FUSE that generates
> such a wrapper on-the-fly based on the requested file name, and you
> could mount this file system as /usr/bin. Voila.

Hum, mounting FUSE file system at /usr/bin seems a bit weak to me.
I love using FUSE as an additional file system, but using it as a core file 
system seems a bit exagerated for me.

Few things that I see:
-- FUSE goes throught userland <-> kernel <-> Userland so it:
** May be an overhead for all /usr/bin calls.
** May be a potential security leak, like using LD_PRELOAD for a given user 
and use a custom fuse library for this user, with *any* /usr/bin filesystem 
you like
-- FUSE module is not loaded by default, and some server maintainer would like 
te reFUSE using it... :-)
-- Furthermore, what to do during bootstrap of the root file system? Because 
this should also be needed for /bin, so again overhead, security and loading 
at en early stage is not a solution for me...


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