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Laptop support: acpi-support

Hello everybody,

Ubuntu has made some efforts to better support a wide range of laptops and
this resulted in some changes that are still not completely integrated in Debian.

One of the changes is that they install automatically a package called
"acpi-support" which provides lots of laptop-specific scripts. I asked
Matthew Garrett to package it for Debian but he's not interested to
maintain it because in his opinion this package is not a long-term
solution. He prefers to invest time in pm-utils of freedesktop.org.

Since I want Debian etch to work "out of the box" on most laptops, I
uploaded acpi-support to Debian. It's right now in NEW, but the sources
are in collab-maint SVN repository:

I would like this package to be added in the "laptop" task of Debian.

Since I'm definitely not an expert on this subject, I would welcome
co-maintainers for this package and of course testers!

Raphaël Hertzog

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