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pbuilder, and why not...

#include <hallo.h>
* Ondrej Sury [Sun, May 14 2006, 10:00:25AM]:

> Yes, don't clutter your system, because it will end in sorrow :-).
> Your system will have mix of your local packages and at the end of the
> day you will build package which will be:
> a) unbuildable
> b) uninstallable

Only in the hands of unworthy[tm].

> Right solution is to use pbuilder, which will:
> a) always ensure that package can be built using unstable
> b) keep your build environment clean
> c) keep your local system clean

d) Need lots of disk space
e) Take ages to unpack
f) Add more complexity for establishing build environment
g) Help fragmenting your filesystem
h) Need extra work to be kept in synch with Sid


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