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Re: resetting forwarded addresses (Re: Processed: [bts-link] source package gcc-3.4)

# this resets the forwards to their original value
forwarded 217360 http://gcc.gnu.org/PR12867, merged-upstream: http://gcc.gnu.org/PR1027
forwarded 238432 http://gcc.gnu.org/PR14709, merged-upstream: http://gcc.gnu.org/PR11801
forwarded 254659 http://gcc.gnu.org/PR16066, merged-upstream: http://gcc.gnu.org/PR16052
forwarded 285692 http://gcc.gnu.org/PR19006, merged-upstream: http://gcc.gnu.org/PR18384
forwarded 286715 http://gcc.gnu.org/PR19711, merged-upstream: http://gcc.gnu.org/PR9157
forwarded 293466 http://gcc.gnu.org/PR19265, merged-upstream: http://gcc.gnu.org/PR22309
forwarded 307993 http://gcc.gnu.org/PR21457, merged-upstream: http://gcc.gnu.org/PR16676
forwarded 331265 http://gcc.gnu.org/PR24171, merged-upstream: http://gcc.gnu.org/PR21592.

Le Sam 6 Mai 2006 02:18, Matthias Klose a écrit :
> Please STOP resetting the forwarded address [...]
> Thanks, Matthias

I've considered your “wish”, and from now on, instead of blindly following
duplicates, bts-link will instead state that upstream merged that bug
into another one. So that your initial submission is not lost.

This also help me to track unmerges[1] by always tracing my way through
merges, and still permit users to go in one click to the right remote
bug report. That achieves IMHO the best compromise.

Don't hesitate to contact bts-link-devel@lists.alioth.d.o to ask for
improvements !


 [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2006/05/msg00144.html
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