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Re: Re: XOrg transition, status of libxaw8

Frank wrote:
> >> The
> >> CUPS queues print those thai (?) letters very nicely, it's a PostScript
> >> printer.
> >
> > Not on my computer.  The CUPS queues (and default postscript for that
> > matter) are broke in latest firefox on my system. "Paper size not
> > supported", bug #344401. Time to check the upstream bug discussion for
> > that, I see.
> This error went away for me after the upgrade to 1.5.dfsg+

Strange, my version is 1.5.dfsg+, the one before it in the
changelog was 1.5.dfsg+  Was your -2bpo1 a local or
experimental version?

But following the upstream discussion, I have been able to restore CUPS
(and postscript/default) by manually deleting all references to user
preferences "print.*" in prefs.js. Although the bug discussion
indicates the problem will return in a few weeks time.

Curiously, now that I can test them, I find that both of them are now
successfully printing the non-latin pages.  I guess that means Xprint
will now fade in importance, but I'll keep maintaining it for the time


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