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Re: Using defoma for building package ?


* artefact <artefact@altern.org> [060428 11:06]:

> I am packaging a game, Wormux. This game use the font DejaVuSans which
> is already a Debian package. How can I use Defoma (I think this is the
> tool to use for this) to get this font path when building my package so
> that it could depend on the DejaVuSans package rather than including the
> font in the wormux-data package. Or maybe does it exist a debhelper for
> this but I can not get is name...

(Sorry, should have told that in my previous mail)

One of my packages has a similar problem.  I found it the easiest way to
depend on the font package, preventing the font to be installed in my
package, and creating a symlink to the font at the place where my
programm expected the font to be.  I hardcoded the path for the symlink,
guessing fonts don't change their place very often.  So no defoma magaic
in my package.

Yours sincerely,


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