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Re: Using defoma for building package ?

Le 28.04.2006 11:42, Pierre Habouzit a écrit :

>Le Ven 28 Avril 2006 11:06, artefact a écrit :
>>I am packaging a game, Wormux. This game use the font DejaVuSans
>>which is already a Debian package. How can I use Defoma (I think this
>>is the tool to use for this) to get this font path when building my
>>package so that it could depend on the DejaVuSans package rather than
>>including the font in the wormux-data package. Or maybe does it exist
>>a debhelper for this but I can not get is name...
>>Note: I RTFM :-) and had a look at several others game package
>>(penguin-racer,  gltron and some others) and they all embbed the font
>>files into the -data package.
>I think you can get safely it with:
>dirname $(grep '^begin ' /etc/defoma/hints/ttf-dejavu.hints | \
>          head -1 | cut -d' ' -f 2)
>but it may exist some more conventionnal way, I'm far from knowing 
>defoma ;)
Thank you, maybe it is not the best method, but it works ;-)
But, as I can not satisfy with simple things, I would want defoma (or
something else) to give me the name of an alternate font (looking quite
like to), in case of the DejaVuSans font does not exist for my locale.
The trouble is this game has been translated into Russian and could be
in Arabic too. What mechanisms exists to get the name of related fonts
in non  latin alphabet ?

Regards, Jean

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