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thoughts on plans for pbuilder development/maintenance at Debconf2006


I'm thinking of doing a few things and possibly meeting some people
over there. The things that are in my mind but I don't think I will be
able to get everything done. I'd definitely be doing the first task,
but I would really love help on the rest. There are too many options
to try, and I definitely don't have enough time to work on
everything. This is a call-for-help, or a call-for-hacks.

1. pbuilder/cowdancer (cowbuilder) support.

The required parts are there, some QA and coding up parts and
packaging is required.  I've thought up of this idea at the last
debconf, I'd really like it complete by/during the next :)

something like:

2. pbuilder/user-mode-linux revival

we're waiting for user-mode-linux to revive before things get going.
Especially rootstrap needs some hacking. You're welcome to hack on

3. pbuilder/unionfs 

I might want to look at unionfs patch to think up of a non-obtrusive
way of integrating the patch.

4. pbuilder/xen

I don't quite know how it will look like, but if you can come up with
something interesting, I will be interested.  I assume Xen does have
COW block device support.

5. pbuilder/qemu

Full cross-arch build support for pbuilder would be interesting.

6. pbuilder/fakechroot

I think it should be workable with a little bit more hackery, and it
would be an interesting alternative solution to user-mode-linux if it

7. pbuilder/linux-vserver

It seems like they have cowdancer-like support in
kernel space(link-inversion), and vserver looks like a 'fakechroot done
in kernel space', or user-mode-linux maintained from kernel space, it
sounds attractive. I don't know if I can get linux-vserver running on
my PC.

8. pbuildd overhaul/update

There's quite a few pbuildd's around, and they might deserve some
consolidation and updates. 

9. devscripts.el (pbuilder) update

Some scripts for pbuilder probably needs updating, and documentation

10. pbuilder-doc.xml update

The documentation probably needs some updating. 

11. Bug-triage.

A lot of bugs are pending in pbuilder BTS, they probably need some

12. Consolidation of pbuilder front-ends

Multiple front-ends exist, but they probably need some integrated

13. pbuilder testsuite overhaul

Somehow, testsuite is running every day with 1 hour run-time.  I
probably want to increase the number of regression test cases, but not
increase the time it takes too much. I probably need to do it

14. performance analysis of all pbuilder methods

I would want a quantitative analysis of relative performance of all
the methods pbuilder supports, so that I can discuss which methods are
really going to be the recommended way of building packages.

15. web-front-end for pbuilder

At least, the results should look better. I thought someone was
working on this already?

16. pbuilder-testsuite overhaul and documentation

pbuilder-testsuite is there, and I've been using it, but it probably
needs some helper function libraries and documentation.  Also,
template auto-generation feature would be handy.

If there is a competing implementation of Debian package testsuites,
please tell me / help me consolidate.

17. pbuilder/lvm2 snapshots

I think it should be doable if you have the right setup.

18. pbuilder/cowloop 

I have not confirmed, but there seems to be a kernel-based COW
loopback block device support floating around the net somewhere. It
might be nice to support/experiment with it.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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