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Specifying TCP/UDP port for lockd under /etc/default/nfs-common

Dear Debian Developers,

The newer 2.6 series kernels support configuring the TCP/UDP port number
of the kernel lockd via the files /proc/sys/fs/nfs/nlm_tcpport and

Having a look on /etc/init.d/nfs-common and /etc/default/nfs-common (On
Debian Sarge) I don't find any smart way to specify those ports. It would
be great if we had an option to specify the ports on the file :

This is a very useful andn important thing when you are exporting NFS
directories through an iptables firewall on the local machine. You have to
bind nfs deamons to certain fixed ports.

Obviously this isn't going to change in sarge, but it would be nice to see
it on the next stable version.

By the way,

Sorry if this has been posted before. I did some searches like "sarge
lockd /proc/sys/fs/nfs/nlm_tcpport site:debian.org" on google and it
produced no relevant results.

Best Regards,
David McGiven

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