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64bit kernel for i386, apt-get-multiarch - poor mans multiarch


I've been working on wrappers for apt and dpkg-deb to get some
resemblance of multiarch that can still make it for etch. The first
thing I made to work is installing amd64 kernels on i386 and anyone
interested is welcome to try a very alpha release:


Beware that only the linux-kernel packages will work at all in this
release. Everything else (like iptables) will fail with file
conflicts. Don't try non kernel packages with --force-overwrite
(default on stable dpkg).

Future aim for this is to allow 32bit OpenOffice.org, rar, mplayer +
w32codecs, acrobat-reader to be installed on amd64/ia64. And any
library some 3rd party software might need. Just run "apt-get install
ia32-libfoo" and it is there.


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