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Re: Bug#363250: general: Custom PAGER gives error on sid, but works on sarge

On 23 Apr 2006, Miles Bader spake thusly:

> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
>> I read it. I still think that my answer suffices: Put your
>> pipeline in a script, and set that to PAGER.
> Your answer doesn't "suffice," because it's not what people expect
> -- PAGER has historically (for a _long_ time) supported arguments
> being specified

        Nothing in what I said preclues specifying arguments.
__> echo $PAGER
less -ciM

        None of this applies to pipelines, which must either have a
 file name, or - for stdin.  Arguments are a different beastie for
 general pipelines.

> (and I guess in practice it was usually used an argument to popen),
> so that's what users have come to expect, and what other
> distros/OSes support in the vast majority of cases.

        Irrelevant to the current discussion.

> Changing it now would be very unfriendly to users, and morever there
> seems to be little or no benefit to doing so (really, what exactly
> would you gain?).

        Please go back, and re-read what I have said:

_> cat somefile.txt | less -ciM
_> less -ciM  somefile.txt

        Both work, but:

_> cat somefile.txt | fileterA | filterB - 
   may work,
_> fileterA | filterB -  somefile.txt
   does not.

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