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Re: Bug#358695: ITP: latex-utils -- utilities for LaTeX/xfig

Hello Vincent, 

In linux.debian.devel, you wrote:
> I retry:
> Package name : latex-compile

Hmm, IMO the package does not actually compile latex sources; providing
Makefile snippets (and LaTeX macros for easy inclusion of xfig images)
is a different thing.  

    Now I guess that xfig images are more special, while the Makefile
will probably be useful to many or most users and could thus be
considered the main service of the package.  So I'd suggest a name
expressing its linkage to Makefiles, something like latex-maker. 

> Description  : easy compiling of complexe (and simple) LaTeX documents

I'd drop that "complex (and simple)", since it's essentially a no-op,
cluttering the short description.  The ability to handle complex input
is detailed in the long description, that's fine.

    If you choose to rename the package as I suggested above, it might
be appropriate to adjust the short description accordingly, to something
like "LaTeX Makefile snippets and easy xfig integration".

>  This package provides several tools that aim to simplify the
>  compilation of LaTeX documents :
>  .
>  LaTeX.mk: a make(1) snippets to help compiling LaTeX documents in

It's not providing snippets of make(1), the binary, but Makefile snippets. 

>  DVI, PDF, PS, ... format. Dependencies are automatically tracked : one
Drop that space here and in general before colons, as Frank has already
pointed it out.

Just my 2 Cent,

PS: Note that I'm not subscribed to debian-devel, but read it per

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