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Re: libgtk2.0-0: changelog.Debian.gz is not an upstream changelog

On 16 Apr 2006, Christian Marillat uttered the following:

> Here is the relevant policy :
> ,---- | Changes in the Debian version of the package should be
> briefly  explained in the Debian changelog file
> `debian/changelog'.[1] This  includes modifications made in the
> Debian package compared to the  upstream one as well as other
> changes and updates to the package. [2]

        So changes made in packaging are relevant, as well as "other"
 changes -- which caninclude significant changes upstream.  The bottom
 line is not one of NIH -- the changelog should contain enough
 information for the target audience to decide whether or not to
 install the upgrade.

        Changes made in new versions certainly affect my decisions on
 whether or not I wan the new packages, based on materiel
 provided by apt-listchanges.

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