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Re: Bug#354674: What on earth?

On Sun, Apr 16, 2006 at 10:52:21AM -0400, David Nusinow wrote:
> As for the build-depends, pbuilder is, as far as I've been able to
> understand it, completely incapable of handling such a massive beast as
> this. You can't point it easily at a custom repository in order to have it
> pull from there. If this has changed recently, I'd love to hear it, but
> when I was investigating this during the development of the packages I was
> unable to do it. Furthermore, the packages I pulled were autobuilding just
> fine on Ubuntu, so I had little reason to believe that they didn't have
> proper build-depends for Debian. Indeed, very few of the packages ftbfs'ed,
> and most of these were fixed within hours of being reported.

I should point out that the FTBFSing packages were ones that were
repackaged from the ground up to be more sensible, not pure imports from
Ubuntu.  That being said, I agree with the thrust of David's mail.

And, on my behalf, apologise to the release team for any disruption
incurred to Etch.

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