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Re: Bug#354674: What on earth?

On Thu, Apr 13, 2006 at 07:12:48PM +0300, Daniel Stone wrote:

> Is a rebuild really that phenomenally onerous for you?  In the time
> spent arguing this point, tons of packages could've been simply rebuilt.
> I don't see where the problem lies, unless you happen to enjoy random
> flamebait more than actual productive work.

The problem is not rebuilding, the problem is having several dozen other
packages completely blindsided by this change *with no coordination*.  The
Xorg 7.0 transition was presented to the release team as "no big deal, just
splitting the package".  Instead, it's leaving half the packages in the
build queue unbuildable because of disruptive changes that no one thought
worth mentioning.

I agree with the principle of dropping .la files in cases where .pc files
are available as a better substitute, but not without *coordinating* with
people.  The repeated statements from the release team that library changes
should be coordinated aren't some whim of those wacky RMs that should be
ignored; keeping a handle on the disruptive changes going into unstable is
essential if we're going to keep the announced release schedule.

So far I'm very unimpressed with the resultant bug count from the Xorg 7

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