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MIA Christoph Wegscheider?

Does anyone know the current status of maintainer Christoph Wegscheider?

Last maintainer uploads:
* qiv 2005-05-23 (sponsor Thomas Viehmann cc'd)
* potracegui 2005-05-01 (sponsor Bartosz Fenski cc'd)
* rsnapshot 2005-04-14 (I sponsored this)

Staging repository http://wegi.net/debian/ last modified 2005-07
but there are changes to http://wegi.net/ dated 2006-02-19.
I emailed directly some time ago, without seeing any reply yet.

Please cc me on any replies. Off-list email OK too.

Laux nur mia opinio: vidu http://people.debian.org/~mjr/
Bv sekvu http://www.uk.debian.org/MailingLists/#codeofconduct

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