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Re: Eiffel.

Scripsit Katipo <katipo@westnet.com.au>

> What's the general consensus on this?

> http://www.eiffel.com/general/news/2006/2006_04_05_pr.html

The press release ought to have been clearer. It took me about a dozen
clicks from their press release to discover that the unspecified "Open
source license" they talk about is actually the GPL.

However, GPLing of formerly non-free software is always good.

On the other hand, the tarball download located another half-dozen
clicks away contains C files with no GPL blurb at the top, and no file
named COPYING in the tarball. On the other hand, there's also a SVN
download option which I have not tried, but it may be more explicitly

Henning Makholm          "Ambiguous cases are defined as those for which the
                       compiler being used finds a legitimate interpretation
                   which is different from that which the user had in mind."

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