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Re: Bug#361418: [Proposal] new Debian menu structure

At 1144653527 past the epoch, Steve Greenland wrote:
> On 10-Apr-06, 04:17 (CDT), Jon Dowland <lists@alcopop.org>
> wrote: 
> > I agree that "Ham Radio" is not too descriptive for
> > those outside the circle (myself included). However it
> > is consistent with the terminology in the Linux kernel's
> > config.
> And how many of our users are going to be digging through
> the kernel config?
> +1 for Amateur Radio 

That's not the point: the point is being consistent with the
terminology in use in the field. They may not recompile
their kernels but they are quite likely to load/unload
modules, and any research into the kernel's support for this
concept will throw up those terms.

My vote is for "Amateur Radio" as it happens.

Jon Dowland

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