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Re: Proper way of closing *old* bugs


Here is what I meant, clearly:

I took over the gnuplot package last week but I've only fixed 2 bugs
out of 40.

It's a shame because I'm supposed to handle them all when taking over
the package and I did not.

I'll do that as soon as possible but in the meanwhile, I've uploaded
that package to put update the maintainer field and fix the easiest

Depending on the situation, I'll handle the bugs that way :

 - if the bug is not reproducible anymore with the current Debian
   version, I'll close it directly with the BTS

 - if the bug is still reproducible, I'll ask the upstream to handle
   it and tag the bug as "forwarded upstream"

 - if the bug is still reproducible and has a known patch to fix it,
   I'll apply it to the Debian version, ask the upstream to merge and
   close the bug through the changelog during the next upload

I think most bugs are not reproducible anymore because they are aged.

I initially wrote this changelog header to apology for my lack of time
regarding those bugs.

I hope this time it's clear enough and that this would close the
conversation now because I prefer spending more time on the fixes and
less on the mailing lists.

If you'd like to spend more time on the packages too, I'll be glad to
welcome you as a co-maintainer. Please let me know.

Cyril Bouthors

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