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RFH: Test swt-gtk (azureus) on ia64 and alpha

It has been reported that swt-gtk -- and azureus, which depends on it
-- does not work on amd64. I suspect this is true of all 64-bit
architectures. If you have access to a 64-bit architecture besides
amd64, I would very much appreciate your help with this bug. The
version in Sarge (libswt-gtk3=3.0-6) as well as the version that was
in unstable (libswt-gtk-3.1=3.1.2-1) on 2006-02-07 both need testing.

libswt-gtk-3.1=3.1.2-1 has been removed from the Debian archive, but
is available from snapshot.debian.net:

Thank you very much for your help porting to your architecture!

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