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Re: Bug#360863: ITP: stim -- Similar to The Incredible Machine game

On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, Marcela Tiznado wrote:

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Marcela Tiznado <mtiznado@linux.org.ar>

* Package name    : stim
 Version         : 0.99
 Upstream Author :  <somebody@example.org>

This is an incredible productive upstream author because I've got
the feeling that 17% of all WNPP bugs are based on the work of him. ;-)

* URL             : http://stim.game-host.org/
* License         : GPL/ BSD - team deciding that, yet.
 Description     : Similar to The Incredible Machine game

A game similar to the old Incredible Machine.

While I'm very keen on seeing this packaged because I realy like
this old game I might like to note here that we probably have enough
users who where not even born when TIM was produced.  So it would
be nice if you would not repeat the short description in the long
description but try to find a more verbose text.  My first shot
would be:

   Build the machine that produces "A + B", the value of "A"
   plus the value of "B".  Components are very expensive,
   so use as few as you can.

At least this is some kind of headline from the URL above and some
more detailed explanation would be nice.

Keen on building new machines



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