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Re: Bug#359662: libpcre3-dev doesn't install libpcre.pc, so pkg-config can't find libpcre

[Christian Ohm]
> Now what will someone do who doesn't know how to investigate a failed
> ./configure run? In my opinion this fits the description of
> 'important' ("a bug which has a major effect on the usability of a
> package, without rendering it completely unusable to everyone"),
> depending on the definition of 'major'.

Just remember that every bug that hits *you* is important to *you*, and
causes major usability effects for *you*.  A good rule of thumb for
filing bugs: think long and hard about what severity you think a bug
warrants, then ignore your conclusion and leave it at "normal".

In this case, the only way this bug would be 'important' would be if
most people only use libpcre3-dev for compiling someone else's
software, rather than for writing and developing their own.  If you're
writing your own software that uses pcre, obviously you'll know better
than to rely on pkg-config to find every last library in the world.
Even if you know that pcre is supposed to support pkg-config, it won't
faze you much when Debian's happens not to.

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