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Upcoming shadow package in unstable will change su behaviour


In a recent announcement in debian-devel-announce [1], the shadow
package maintenance team announced an importance change in the
behaviour of the "su" command.

As reported in #276419 [2], su in the login Debian package doesn't
permit to specify options to the invoked shell and doesn't respect
quoted arguments.

This behaviour will be reverted and will follow su's documentation
and other implementations.

We will upload the new passwd and login packages *today* (April
2nd). The package version will be 4.0.15-2

Please see the technical details of the change in the above announcement.

This announcement identified packages which need changes. After
talking with some of their maintainers and sending the needed bug
reports, the affected packages list has been reduced a little. Some
have already been fixed.

This will result in the new login package conflicting with the

gnunet, amavisd-new, python-4suite, backupninja (<= 0.9.3-4), echolot (<< 2.1.8-4)

(the versioned ones are packages that have been already fixed)

As soon as packages above are fixed, we will turn the conflict into a
versioned conflict. These packages DO NOT need to Version-Depend on login.

Some other packages may be affected by the change. They are listed in [1].

About #360276 ("su: wrong exit status for commands terminated by signals"):
  As some people could ask about it, we prefer confirming here that
  this bug will also be fixed in the next upload.
  We thank Eero Häkkinen for reporting and provide us with the patch
  that has been accepted upstream. Upstream thanks the whole Debian
  project for the help he received in shadow development during last year.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2006/03/msg00003.html

[2] http://bugs.debian.org/276419


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