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Re: new su behaviour & exit status

* Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2006-04-02 19:10]:
> Quoting Nico Golde (nico@ngolde.de):
> > Hi,
> > because of the new su behaviour its no longer possible to 
> > get any exit status from a command executed with su -c.
> > If you use init scripts which need to invoke su and you dont 
> > want to depend on sudo the init script will no longer 
> > recognize segfaults or other failures in execution and will 
> > always return 0 for $?.
> > Thats the reason for #349580.
> > 
> > Does anyone knows a fix for this or have any useful links on 
> > how to "workaround" this behaviour?
> This has been reported in #360276 with a patch. We (shadow
> maintainers) will review the patch, discuss it with upstream, and
> hopefully upload shadow 4.0.15-2 this week-end. We have another issue
> we want to see fixed anyway (#360179) and will also include the
> long-awaited fix for #276419 (which has been announced in
> -devel-announce).

Oh fine, then I will not reassign it to shadow and just wait 
till the new package and close the bug.Thanks!
Regards Nico

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