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Re: Emphasize teams, not packages

Petter wrote:
> I have not confirmed that this procedure will work, but here is my
> suggestions anyway.
> - The Alioth system administrators have asked for help several times.
>   Get in touch with them and check what exactly they need help with.
>   Do a good job helping them, and prove that way your abilities as a
>   system administrator.  Next, contact the new maintainer frontdesk
>   and ask how the NM process fit your skill set and interest, and go
>   through the process to become a official Debian Developer.

Given that it takes up to two years to process an applicant answering
standard questions from templates, how long is it likely to take to
process someone through a custom process?  Possibly less time if the
applicant doesn't get hung up on difficult questions, but probably
more; and the customization won't scale.  And can we be sure that the
applicant will be subjected to pointless busywork this way (to test
his tolerance for Debian's institution of people carelessly wasting
one another's time)?  Another thing: According to my AM, the applicant's
prior work can't be used to prove his competence because the Front Desk
and the DAM can't be bothered to look at that work.  How do we ensure
that applicants on the "custom" track will be subjected to similar
obtuseness?  Perhaps there should be a checklist to ensure a level
playing field.

[] Find something that he doesn't know and tell him to go away
   if he doesn't know it
[] Ignore the applicant's past work in Debian
[] Make the applicant rephrase "§6.4: Summary of ways maintainer
   scripts are called" in his own words
[] Make the applicant wait for months for no particular reason
[] Blame the applicant for above delays

Seriously though, Jerome, I'd advise you not to get your hopes up too
high.  Here's the experience of Debian's newest DD:

Received application	                2004-04-21
> [...]
> Application Manager recommends to DAM	Approved on 2004-07-12
> FD checks completeness of report	Approved on 2006-02-21 by Marc Brockschmidt (he)
> DAM Approval	                        Approved on 2006-03-20 by Joerg Jaspert (joerg)

Thomas Hood

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