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python 2.4 migration status


piman asked 2 weeks ago, what's the status of python2.4 migration :

> What's the status of the Python 2.4 transition? During January you said
> you were waiting on feedback from Steve Langasek and Josselin Mouette,
> but Steve said he hasn't heard anything from you in a while, and thinks
> that the transition outweighs whatever other Python improvements you're
> working on.
> A couple weeks ago you told me (on IRC) that you'd have a new
> python-central/support-like thing ready for me to look at in a few days.
> I still haven't heard anything from you. I have to agree with Steve, if
> this is holding up the transition, it should stop -- the focus of the
> Python packages right now should be the 2.4 transition.
> From the looks of the Python buglists, and your responses on bugs like
> #340791, it looks like you might not have enough time to maintain Python
> anymore. Have you considered group or co-maintainership? Facing a
> transition may not be the best time to start it, but this needs to start
> very soon. The etch release plan starts calling for freezes by July, and
> I know you're going to need time working on other parts of the toolchain
> before then.

In september i asked a similar question and the reply :

> the current version is still 2.3. We are delaying the switch to 2.4,
> until currently outstanding transitions like C++, KDE, gmp, arts, and
> maybe others are done. It's ok to drop python2.1 and python2.2 support
> at this time, if you do an upload anyway.

Is it possible to have a reply on this subject ? or a planning ?



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