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Re: Maintainers Guide

Hello Anthony,

Anthony DeRobertis <anthony@derobert.net> wrote:
> Jeremy Stanley wrote:
>>    This has to include a copyright year, also.
>> ...and following additional discussion, the resolution is:
>>    After considering the suggestion, I have decided to close this
>>    bug.
> The year really should be included.

What if upstream does not provide this information? I'm helper of the
jed-extra package that includes a collection of scripts for the editor
jed. They are collected at http://jedmodes.sourceforge.net/. Many of
them do not include any information about the year anybody did work on
them. What to do in this case? Can we pack them or is it a risk?

Regards, Jörg.
"UNIX was not designed to stop people from doing stupid things, because
 that would also stop them from doing clever things."
         -- Doug Gwyn

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