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Re: dh_installtex just for calling mktexlsr?

[ Uh, do we really need debian-devel here? ]

Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> wrote:

> masters of dh_installtex,

That's Norbert. ;-)

>> The drawback is that update-updmap, update-language and update-fmtutil
>> are called whereas my package does not need them (and that mktexlsr is
>> called without any argument, so all dirs are checked).

Just a data point: running update-updmap, update-language and
update-fmtutil is very cheap (contrary to running e.g. updmap-sys).

> I'm not familiar with dh_installtex code - would it be easy to add an
> option, so that only the mktexlsr call is introduced into maintainer
> scripts?  Should we provide an option to add directories to the mktexlsr
> call, so that only the directories where files have been installed are
> updated?  This could speed up things considerably, and there's no need

You mean add these directories manually, right? Because the general case
is not that simple. It is not sufficient to run mktexlsr on directories
where files are installed, because files can also be moved to a
different place under TEXMFMAIN, or simply removed, and these need to
disappear from ls-R.


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