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Re: Emphasize teams, not packages

On Wednesday 29 March 2006 11:11, Thomas Hood wrote:
> Obviously you can't, currently.

This is not true. The NM team and the DAMs have a certain amount of 
freedom to tailor the NM process to individual applicants.

The "Tasks and skills" part of [1] currently explicitly lists "either 
documentation and internationalisation or package maintenance" as tasks 
for which an applicant can be tested, so not only package maintenance. I 
became a DD via the "documentation and internationalisation" route 
I don't see why in a specific case "general and Debian specific system 
administration" tasks and skills could not be tested instead.

The best thing to do IMO is to discuss this with the NM Front Desk 
I would guess that in this specific case the NM people will want to 
consult with existing DSA members before entering a NM process on that 
basis as obviously there is little point in going through with it if 
Jerome would not be accepted into that team after becoming a DD.
I'd even guess that they'd prefer to have an existing DSA member act as 
AM, at least for the tasks and skills part.


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