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Re: Bug#359662: libpcre3-dev doesn't install libpcre.pc, so pkg-config can't find libpcre

On 2006-03-28 Christian Ohm <chr.ohm@gmx.net> wrote:
> Package: libpcre3-dev
> Version: 6.4-1.1
> Severity: important

> Hello,

> Like the subject says: The file libpcre.pc isn't installed (though it's
> generated during the build), so any package searching for libpcre via
> pkg-config can't find it even if the development package is installed.

why is this severity important, sounds like wishlist to me.

Is it actually a good thing to ship the pc-file, therefore suggesting
to actually use pkg-config for finding pcre? We have done well
without using it for pcre for three major releases, and I seem to
recall that pkg-config is still a major source for unneeded linking
against indirect dependencies, mainly due to #340904.

Moved to d-d. (I am subscribed, no need to cc me.)
           cu andreas
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