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Re: Уникальные семинары!

On Thursday 23 March 2006 08:04, Jacob S wrote:

> Except that, as has been discussed many times before... 1) the C-Rs are
> coming from uol.com.br

Not disputed.

> 2) there are some legitimate users that post from 
> uol.com.br that do not have C-R on their accounts

So they should get a real email provider instead of going with the default, if 
not cut ties with doing business with spammers entirely.

> So you would be blocking a lot of innocent users and the problem
> account would still be on the list.

Challenge-response constitutes spam.  If you do business with an ISP that 
employs challenge-response, you are doing business with spammers.  No loss to 
the net.

Paul Johnson
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