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[RFC] proftpd 1.3.0rc5 in experimental

I just uploaded the new pre-release of the proftpd daemon.
It has been completely repackaged to support apache-like DSO
and it is now a single binary package (no more proftpd-* flavors,
but for a few dummy packages used for upgrading).

Feedbacks are very welcome to find upgrading issues and whatever.

AFAIK it can upgrade by aptitude current sid packages. I was looking
for how managing dependencies for a plain apt-get dist-upgrade path,
but failed 'til now... Ideas? Maybe, I need to maintain a dummy package
for proftpd-common too, but I hate introducing too many pseudo-packages.
And yes, I know that aptitude is the sane choice for dist-upgrading :)
so I'm not too worried about.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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