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Re: For those who care about stable updates

[Sorry for the late response, I don't read -devel daily anymore.]

martin f krafft wrote:
> As someone who has served (and continues to serve) on several core
> teams within Debian, would you be able to give us some insights into
> how the situation may be improved?

In theory the team needs to reorganise itself.  Current team members
need to accept that the number of team members is not large enough to
cope with all the work and accept competent people in their team.
They need to do the selection and training.  This is the theory IMHO.

However, this can only work when a) the team itself acknowledges that
there is a lack of manpower and b) is willing to work together with
new people.

> You are tired of fighting the battles yourself. Even though you may
> have reasonable issues, very few people can step in to help because
> very few people know what's going on at the level of core
> infrastructural teams. Debian's core infrastructure is in the hands

Everything can be learned if one is willing.  As long as somebody can
understand computer languages they can debug the processes and scripts
long enough to know what's going on.



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