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Re: Question for all candidates: handle debian-admin more openly

[redirecting to -devel where this belongs]

On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 12:11:59PM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> > > Question to the release and archive people: Is there such a
> > > requirement?  Will such architectures indeed be included the archive?
> > > Do we really need machines of the particular 64 bit architectures?  If
> > > so for which architectures exactly?
> > > ----------------------------------------------------------------------

> > No decision has been made about including such partial architectures in the
> > archive yet.  I think it's the logical way to go once multiarch matures, but
> > it hasn't really been discussed in-depth.  The need for autobuilders capable
> > of running binaries of these types exists whether or not we implement
> > multiarch, though, because we already have sparc, powerpc, i386, and s390
> > library packages in the archive providing 64-bit variants for these
> > architectures; having 32-bit autobuilders stumble over security builds of
> > glibc would be a bad thing.

> Glibc in woody can by autobuilt.
> Glibc in sarge can by autobuilt.
> Glibc in etch can most probably by autobuilt.

For a while, it was *not* possible to autobuild glibc for etch on i386 and
powerpc.  As I said, I think that's been fixed now.

> Which security updates are you talking about?

The ones for etch.

> > But this may have been largely mitigated in the meantime by some changes to
> > dpkg-dev (dpkg-shlibdeps) that eliminate the dependency on ldd.  If the
> > existing lib packages can be autobuilt, I don't see any need to rush
> > additional 64-bit autobuilders, since I think the current biarch approach to
> > libraries is pretty lousy and shouldn't be expanded given that multiarch is
> > on the horizon.

> So the conclusion is that we currently don't need these machines.
> Please correct me if I'm wrong.

There is no release-critical need for them.  I think it would be nice if the
project had a 64-bit ppc porter machine, though, so that maintainers/NMUers
of such 64-bit lib packages could test and debug when necessary.

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