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Re: For those who care about stable updates

On Saturday 11 March 2006 09:10, Kevin Mark wrote:
> -- vbi:
> > Kevin:

> > > After the meeting everyone would agree to not discuss anything in
> > > public and only redress further problems by arranging another private
> > > irc session.
> >
> > Hmm.  I agree with you that solving these problems is behind the scenes
> > work.  But I think a solution worked out by a mediator ought to be
> > published,
> I would agree as long as the statement is worded to both parties
> agreement.

Well, as far as I understand it, the outcome being some sort of agreement 
between the parties is quite the definition of mediation.  If that can't be 
reached, the mediation has failed (and, in real-life, it is time to go to 
the judges or to change jobs or ... - the question is: what would we do in 
Debian's case?)

-- vbi

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