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Re: Debian Installer team monthly meeting minutes (20060304 meeting)

On Mar 11, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:

> The idea of non-free installation images pops up but, later, there
> were comments that it would make the maintenance of D-I builds more
> complicated, and it is enough complicated already. Another argument
> is: as soon as non free images will be available, people will always
> use them.
And this would be bad because people who own hardware which uses
uploadable firmware must suffer, don't they?

> Some work has been done in Ubuntu by Scott James Remnant (keybuk) for
> iftab parsing, but hasn't got deep agreement by Marco d'Itri (Md).
Yes, I believe that the Ubuntu solution is suboptimal and harmful
because it introduces a new configuration file instead of using the
existing udev infrastructure (and so far nobody tried to persuade me
that I am wrong, so I think we can consider this settled).
I started writing a script to make udev create its own configuration
rules for new interfaces but then was distracted by a different project
which is much more fun and there has been no progress since then.
Anyway, I do not expect any problems when I will get back to this and
write the code.

The workaround for the udev/kernel/initramfs-tools dependency loop on
upgrades from sarge is in unstable now. Somebody will have to decide if
the current user interface is good enough or contribute something
But I'd rather not add debconf support to the package just for this.


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